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Entertainment for your guests

Bazeport Hotel TV provides everything you would expect from any modern IPTV Hotel system. The big difference lies in our many ways of delivering it and our superior operational stability. 

A hotel TV-system tailored to your needs

BazePort is a flexible and diverse system which gives you a range of options:

  • Use your existing coax or ethernet infrastructure
  • Reuse existing equipment such as TV sets, or replace them with new and up-to-date technology
  • Keep your existing content provider or choose Baze for an all-in-one delivery
  • Keep your current satellite TV signal or upgrade to a TV signal via fibre

The requirements for your hotel may be unique, but BazePort has options and possibilities that will help you lift your entertainment services to a modern standard. The hotel guests' user experience will be better regardless of your choice.

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Why choose BazePort Hotel TV?

It's all about flexibility

We believe in finding the right solution for each of our customers.

BazePort Hotel TV can be delivered in countless ways. This flexibility allows our customers to maximise the use of existing infrastructure and equipment without losing any benefits of a modern IPTV solution. 

It's all about flexibility - more info...

Add-on functionality

We offer lots of functionality that you can add-on to BazePort Hotel TV.

Add-on functionality - more info...

Brand your TV system

The BazePort system allows you to add your own colours and logos to the interface. The guests will see the system not as a BazePort system, but as your hotels own native system.  

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Improve guest satisfaction
with BazePort
Hotel TV

We are proud of our achievements from operating in some of the world's harshest environments. Working with these environments has made us innovative and solution-oriented, with a significant focus on operational stability. We are confident that we have succeeded based on our customer´s unique loyalty and that every installation ever done by Baze is still in operation.

We believe that Baze Hotel TV will be welcomed and appreciated by the hotel industry.


Tor-Egil Tinderholt
CEO of Baze Technology AS

Foto: @thonhotels

Thon Hotel Storo

Thon Hotel Storo opened in 2018, and is a modern hotel in the center of Oslo. The hotel has 321 rooms and a conference center with a capacity of 400.

All rooms and common areas are equipped with BazePort IPTV. With BazeCast the hotel guests can cast their own content from Netflix and HBO, while the marketing team can use the Info TV channel for the hotels own promotions. 

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A first-class
Baze Hotel TV

“Our hotel guests are passionate about music and streaming services. The new system allows guests to stream their own content on the TV screen in a secure and seamless way. The solution also offers TV, radio and other functionalities that will help provide a first-class hotel stay”,

Morten Thorvaldsen, Executive Vice President of Thon Hotels

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