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Add-on functionality

We offer lots of functionality that you can add-on to BazePort Hotel TV.

  • TV archive
  • Catch up TV
  • Pause + forward /rewind
  • PMS interface
    • Welcome message with guests name.
    • View bill
    • Express checkout
    • Roomservice
  • Keynotes  - stream your events at your hotel.
    • Broadcast to an internal TV Channel
    • Record the event and make it available in the TVs Portal
  • Pay TV
  • BazePort FLOW – Automate action based on one or several triggers.
    • An example:
      • Set up one inactive Info channel that broadcasts evacuation plan.
      • Set trigger to be the fire alarm
      • Set action to activate and start all TVs on that Info Channel.
  • PDE solution – Let Guest enjoy Bazeport TV system on their own device.
  • Activate inroom WIfi from TV or Set-Top box.
    • Eliminates need of Wifi installation in guest rooms.
  • Change on request – Tell us what you need
    • We will tell you if this is possible with the functionality that’s already in place or what it would take to develop this.

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