BazePort Infotainment is the IPTV system for the professional user in hospitality and enterprise, the public sector and the maritime and energy industry.

IPTV for the professional user

BazePort IPTV system has become the No1 choice for users who want to promote, inform, and educate as well as entertain. In projects from less than a hundred to several thousands of users, BazePort fits all and any budget. BazePort is built with the professional user in mind. We understand our client’s demand for a system that runs 24/7, even in the most demanding environments. In fact we have designed our IPTV system for this purpose, so you can rest assure that it works when installed in enterprise, a hospital or on a ship or installation far out at sea.

Unique functionality – broadcast your information

BazePort is so much more than entertainment, it is a worktool for you to broadcast your information. Create portals and info channels directly from your desktop. In all kinds of Accommodation and Workplace environments there is a need to inform, educate and promote. BazePort is a perfect combination of entertainment and information. There is no need to choose between Public Screens or in-room entertainment, BazePort covers both in one single system. Read more about publishing in BazePort

Fits any budget

BazePort is modulbased. You can choose from all available functionality and compose the setup to suit your requirements and budget. But your choice is not final, if the requirement changes you can easily add more functionality at a later stage. This is simply done with an over the air update.

The BazePort Philosophy

BazePort users are not left behind in yesterdays technology, we constantly develop our IPTV system with new and updated functionality. Our clients benefit from the option to always upgrade to the latest version. These are both reasons why our clients trust us and stay with us.

    – Always be able to do remote support, no need for on-site maintenance.
    – IPTV system that improves over time, OTA releases with improvements and new features.
    – We never leave our customers behind and ensure constant development and backward compatibility for our clients.

Market leading service plan

We claim BazePort is robust and reliable, modern and updated. We back up this bold claim with the most extensive optional service plan in the market, BazePort Service Agreement. This is an optional service plan that covers warranty, support, training and software upgrades. Click to read more about our BazePort Service Agreement.

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