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We claim BazePort is robust and reliable, modern and updated. We back up this bold claim with the most extensive optional service plan in the market

BazePort Service Agreement

BazePort Service Agreement (BSA) is an optional service plan that covers warranty, support, training and software upgrades. The 5 part service plan can be subscribed individually, one by one. This is so you can make a plan that suits your onging requirement. Some would choose only software upgrade to make sure one always has the latest BazePort IPTV software installed, some combine this with the 5 year extended warranty for both hardware and software. Other parts of the BSA covers training and running support. We will assist you in setting up an agreement that suits you.

5 year warranty on both Hardware and Software

BazePort Infotainment is the only IPTV system that offers a 5 year warranty on both Hardware and Software. BazePort 5 year extended warranty secures that you will get help and replacements when needed. Extended warranty must be combined with the Software Upgrade plan.

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