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Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

At Bazeport, we are committed to our environmental impact and continuously work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We prioritize promoting good health and improving the quality of life among our customers through the use of our system. We emphasize innovation and engage in ongoing, comprehensive, and systematic initiatives in areas such as procurement, development, energy use, transportation, and waste management.


We focus on quality, which influences our entire procurement process as well as the development of our product. We believe that quality will lead to a longer lifespan and trouble-free use of our products.


We encourage all our customers to perform regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of the product. Customers can purchase various agreements from us that include warranties and updates. It is important for you as a customer to follow these guidelines to ensure the product has the longest possible lifespan:

  • Cleaning of equipment and the room in which the equipment is located. Hardware does not like dust.
  • Having agreements with us that ensure the system receives regular software updates when needed.
  • Ensuring that support can contact the system and can modify, fix, and push updates if and when necessary.

Repair & Recycling

When you receive the product from us, it is important to sort all packaging correctly, such as plastic and cardboard. The product itself is classified as electronic waste, and the same applies to all accompanying electrical equipment. To secure a safe and long-term investment for you as a customer, we offer the option to purchase an agreement with up to a 5-year extended warranty. This means that if a fault occurs, you send the item to us for repair, and we ensure it is fixed and returned to you. If the product is defective and can no longer be used, we encourage you to contact us. Based on feedback from you as a customer, you return the product to us for repair. The alternative is to recycle it as electronic waste. We place great emphasis on repair and reuse of equipment to minimize environmental impact. Therefore, as a customer, you can sometimes choose to receive equipment that has undergone repair or reuse.

Energy Use

To minimize energy use, we have implemented innovative measures with our software to use as little data as possible. Additionally, our local server park receives part of its energy from solar panels located on the building.


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