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Inform your crew

Share important messages. Your crew is just one click away. 

Info Portal

Inform your crew

BazePort Seea includes an Information Portal for ship owners and vessel managers to share information. Make sure your colleagues at sea are always up-to-date on health & safety and general information. Publish via the cloud from the office, or locally on each vessel.

Crew working at sea for months at the time deserve to have updated information, news and entertainment. Their welfare depends on it. BazePort Seea is a toolbox for vessel managers, crew operations and HSEQ personnel.


RSS feed

Reach your crew with the latest news and information

The RSS feed reader is a feature which will help you reach out to the crew with content from the captain or shore office.

Subscribe to external feeds and get the lastest news or sport results from external news broadcasters. 

Create your own RSS feed in just 1 minute.

Weather forecast

Weather forecast

Add your places of interest and BazePort Seea will display a three-day weather forecast for that area. You can add multiple POIs to the system. When in use, the entertainment system will toggle through and display one forecast every 30 seconds.

The weather forecast feature is available on the start page of the BazePort Seea set-top-box interface.

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