Bazeport IPTV

The No 1 IPTV system for the professional user

Bazeport IPTV system is built for users who want to promote, inform, and educate as well as entertain. Bazeport has a long list of available functionality and as a user you benefit from the option to choose the functionality you need, but still being able to add new functionality later on. 

Choose the functionality you need for your IPTV project

In projects with several thousands of users, or less than a hundred, BazePort fits all and every budget. Choose from a wide range of functionality and create a system perfectly suited for your venue. Explore the features below to see what BazePort IPTV is all about. 

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We make IPTV software for
people just like you that insists on
a great user experience

BazePort users are not left behind in yesterdays technology,
we constantly develop our IPTV system with new and updated functionality.

Why choose bazeport?

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