Offshore and Energy


Oil and gas installations offshore have been our main market since we started development of BazePort in 2008. Baze Technology has got extensive experience delivering to this advanced industry.



Norwegian oil major Equinor has selected BazePort for all their new developments. Projects such as Aasta Hansteen, Gina Krogh, Johan Sverdrup and Mariner. BazePort has also been selected for FSOs, drilling rigs and accommodation in conjunction with these fields.


Drilling Rigs

Maersk Drilling has one of the youngest and most advanced rig fleets in the industry. Their fleet consists of Jack-Ups, Semi-Subs and Drillships. BazePort IPTV has been selected for all their Jack-Up new builds over several years, with a setup to accommodate operations world wide. Live TV, Radio, Video on Demand and PVR for entertainment, as well as Digital Signage for public information and training, are all part of the delivery. In addition to their new builds BazePort has also been selected on a number of rigs that have been converted from old coax setups to a new IPTV setup using BazePort IP-over-Coax technology.

More than 50,000 units and 400 setups world wide
Extensive experience for any IPTV project

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