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Podcasts is becoming an increasingly popular entertainment option, and is included in any BazePort IPTV system. The system comes preinstalled with a range of podcasts that can be accessed by using a smartphone, tablet or TV. 

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Your audience can subscribe and download the podcasts for free. BazePort downloads once, and users access locally without using the on board internet connection. If your audience cannot find their favorite podcast, the system administrator on site can easily add any podcast.

Here´s how to activate and download podcasts on your BazePort IPTV system

Podcast tips for curious minds

Everyone loves a good story and today we bring you a few of our favourite true tales. Brilliant reporting and great storytelling will keep you at the edge of your seat ready to binge-listen! 

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The Lazarus Heist BBC World Service

Podcast recommendation - The Lazarus Heist

Imagine you were going to break into a bank and try to steal 1 billion dollar. How would you pull it off?

True crime podcast 'The Lazarus Heist' is the real life story of how one group almost did just that. 

Podcast recommendation - The Lazarus Heist - more info...

The most thrilling podcast this fall: Polonium and the Piano Player

This is the story of one of the world's most notorious assassinations. It is November 2006 and ex-KGB spy Litvinenko is attacked with one of the deadliest substances on earth: polonium-210.

The most thrilling podcast this fall: Polonium and the Piano Player - more info...

Podcast recommendation - True Spies

Follow the thrilling stories behind some of the world's greates espionage operations. Real life spies takes us behind the scenes and reveal a world of secrets. What do they know? What are their skills? And what would YOU do in their position?

Podcast recommendation - True Spies - more info...

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