BazePort® Seea PUBLISH

Create and manage your content

Save time. Automate tasks and publish to mulitiple vessels. 

Manage content

Manage Content

The BazePort IPTV system lets you publish information, entertainment and send messages to BazePort units. There are several publishing applications available to support your different publishing needs.

BazePort Management Studio is where you create and manage your content. Create action Flows, RSS feeds, upload podcasts, manage content transfers, languages and access Analytics.

Publish information

Publish to multiple sites

Imagine the time saved not having send e-mails or having to log on to each site server to publish the exact same content.

With BazePort Publish you can simply clone the content you have prepared for one installation to your other installations.

3 simple steps to publish at multiple sites

Multiple Languages

Publish in multiple languages

Let your crew to feel at home by publishing content in their native tongue. This will allow all users to easily navigate the system and being able to completely understand the onboard entertainment system.

When welcoming new crew members, the administrator onboard or on shore can easily add new languages.

BazePort Flow

Automate tedious tasks

Flow automates repetitive and mundane tasks. It’s easy to use and is prepared in just 3 steps: 

1: Name the flow2: Select triggers, 3: Decide on actions

Automation of simple, tedious tasks like turning on and off screens automatically will give employees time to focus on their actual work tasks.

BazePort Analytics

Get to know your audience

BazePort Analytics is designed to provide insight to what your crew is watching, when and how. Find out what’s popular, and what’s really not. 

We are logging data per minute for all use of BazePort, and are building a huge database of valuable information. Discover trends, changes and opportunities that can impact your business. 

3 awesome things you can do with BazePort Analytics

Cloud Publishing

Publish via cloud

The BazePort Management Studio is available as a cloud service or on the local BazePort network, and it works in any browser-based device (PCs, Pads and smartphones).

With cloud service, you can publish content to your BazePort installation from anywhere and anytime, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

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