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The BazePort IPTV system is used in a range of businesses, from office headquarters, to sportsclubs and prisons. With our digital signage service, both staff and visitors gets easy access to useful information. 


Equinor office

Norwegian Oil and Gas major Equinor has equipped their offices in Oslo with BazePort IPTV. BazePort provides TV access for staff that needs such access in emergencies, and for news updates.

BazePort IPTV may be set up for enterprises, corporates, small businesses and organizations to provide TV access for staff and visitors.

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Media City Bergen

Media City Bergen is a knowledge and business park that brings together media technology players, educational and research environments, as well as two media houses under one roof in the center of Bergen, Norway.

The building was completed in 2017 and houses approximately 1,200 people spread over 45,000 square meters.

Media City Bergen is equipped with BazePort IPTV system -  a total of 100 units. 


Hareid Group HQ

Hareid Group supplies electronics and services to an international market. The company has a presence in several countries and employees in Norway, Denmark, Poland and Greenland.

The headquarters is located in Norway and the office is equipped with 20 BazePort units.


Hurtigruten HQ

Hurtigruten is a world leading cruise line specialized in exploration travel. Each year 400 000 people travel with one of Hurtigruten’s 11 ships.

Hurtigruten’s headquarter is located in the capital of Norway, and the office is equipped with BazePort IPTV system.

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Oslo Kommune

BazePort IPTV has been chosen as IPTV delivery partner for all of Oslo Kommune´s nursing homes, retirement homes and other welfare homes. Oslo Kommune is the local government for the capital city of Norway. About 5000 of Oslo’s elderly live in public nursing homes and retirement homes. Baze supports Oslo kommune together with Live TV content provider Canal Digital Cable / Telenor. BazePort IPTV is distributed through a centralized server setup, and plan to serve more than 100 institutions when up and running in full.


Trondheim Kommune

BazePort IPTV is the IPTV delivery partner for Trondheim Kommune´s nursing homes. Trondheim Kommune is the local government for the third largest city in Norway.

Trondheim municipality nursing home is equipped with approx. 1300 units.

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Norwegian Prisons

The Norwegian Correctional Services has equipped their prisons with BazePort IPTV System and TV sets with integrated BazePort Software. BazePort provides TV access for inmates and personnel. Baze also supply a tool for publishing and information locally on each and every prison as well as the ability to push information from centralized authorities to all BazePort Systems in the prison group setup.

BazePort IPTV may be set up for all government agencies to provide TV and information. Contact us for more information.

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