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Films, TV series & documentaries

Films, TV series & documentaries from major Hollywood studios

BazePort Seea includes a large library of up to 200 films and 832 hours of TV series and documentaries from major studios worldwide. The content package comes pre-installed, including subtitles and dubbings in many different languages. The library is topped up with 10 new films every month and 28 hours of TV series every quarter.

See our extensive content libray. 


Daily news

BazePort Seea can also include a daily news service from well-known providers like ABS-CBN TV Patrol, Euronews NBC, BBC World News and CNN. The news clips are available in 13 languages, including: Filipino, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and Greek.

All news services can be added to the packages at an extra cost. TV Patrol or Euronews NBC are included in the Premium Package. 


Listen to your favorite podcast

Podcast has become a very popular entertainment option and it is also available on BazePort Seea. The crew can choose their own language, subscribe and download the podcasts for free. Using a TV, tablet or mobile, they can listen to their favorite podcasts’ feeds, without using the broadband on board.

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