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Live TV

Watch live TV

The core of an IP based TV system is TV. In BazePort, live TV viewing is just one of many available applications. Your system may require input from DVB-S , DVB-T, DVB-C or IP, in any case BazePort is the right choice. In the beautiful user interface, the users have a choice of multiple, easy to use navigation and eletronic program guides. The users can record TV programmes and set up reminders so that they do not miss their favourite shows.

TV archive

Record your favorite TV show

We believe TV programming should be watched at your own convenience. For this reason BazePort has got optional functionality for recording live TV. Record for your private viewing, or in case you forget to set the timer, recordings can be shared from other users inside the same setup.

A non-linear TV system setup makes the user experience so much better for your guests.

Catch-Up TV

Watch at your own convenience

BazePort IPTV may completely change the way you watch TV. Catch-Up TV allows you to record all programs on a set of TV channels, so you can watch them at your own convenience. 

With Timeshift you can choose to play a live TV channel from the start of the program, or watch it live.

The Catch-Up application builds a TV archive with thousands of hours of on-demand TV.

Video on Demand

The best films and TV series

BazePort offers Video on Demand functionality as an option. This library can be filled with your own movie and TV series content, or content from one of BazePorts content providers. Video and TV series are available for the users entertainment at their own leisure time. Baze Technology offers a wide range of movies and tv-shows for your BazePort Video on Demand library.

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Daily news

BazePort is offering daily news from well-known broadcasters like BBC, CNN, Euronews and Filipino ABS-CBN TV Patrol. The news clips are available in 13 languages, including: English, Filipino, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and Greek.

The news service can be added to any BazePort IPTV system at an extra cost. No installation is needed, a simple click from the BazePort office will activate your subscription. 

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Listen to your favorite podcast

Podcast has become a very popular entertainment option and it is also available on BazePort. Using a TV, tablet or mobile, crew, guests and passengers can listen to their favorite podcasts’ feeds.

The podcast service is included in all BazePort IPTV systems and you can choose between a range of suggested podcasts, or add your own favorite podcast


Tune in to the Radio

Listen to the radio directly on your TV set using the BazePort Radio application. BazePort uses radio signals from either satellite or cable and presents the channels available in an easy to use interface.

My Files via USB

Play your own content

Myfiles is an optional BazePort functionality which allows playback of your personal multimedia files. A USB connected device such as a USB memory stick or USB connected hard drive can be connected to the BazePort set-top box. Files are not uploaded, but securely played back to the user.

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