BazePort Seea

Ship Entertainment & Information System

BazePort Seea is an offline vessel entertainment system that streams movies, news and information. BazePort Seea is made for commercial deepsea vessels with up to 35 crew members on board. It is easy to set up and uses little to no bandwidth, and holds the best content available for maritime vessels. BazePort Seea is the number one choice for crew welfare on bulk, tank and container vessels.

Stream on your favourite device

Use a personal device to watch films, news, listen to podcast or read important messages. There is no need to download an app, just access using a browser and enjoy the content. To watch on the TV-set, connect it to a set-top box and watch in a public room or a cabin on board. 

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Why choose BazePort Seea?

Take crew welfare to the next level

Shipping entertainment DVDs to commercial vessels that sail the globe is an expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective distribution method. Entertainment and news content should be delivered automatically and fresh, without any need for interaction from vessel managers. The ship entertainment system BazePort Seea is fully automated and requires no involvement from the shore side or crew onboard. 

Approved by all the major Hollywood studios, and other renowned news and entertainment content owners, BazePort has become the preferred ship infotainment system for the maritime industry with more than 8500 subscribers. 

A subscription to BazePort guarantees boosting welfare onboard by supporting the crew with news, information and movies.

Socialize with crewmates

Spending time with your crewmates on your off time is essential to keeping a good and healthy working environment. That is why we have included a set-top box for the TV-set in every BazePort Seea delivery.

There is also an option to add several set-top boxes to a BazePort Seea install for vessels with more than one TV. The BazePort Seea set-top box can run wirelessly. Ethernet cabling is not needed making installation very easy alongside your existing TV set.

Spend time together watching news and entertainment with BazePort Seea as your onboard entertainment system.

Fits any budget

A high quality onboard entertainment and information system does not have to cost a fortune. BazePort Seea is developed to fit any budget.

The system has a wide range of well-tested applications for entertainment and information, and all included for a monthly sum. BazePort Seea is a fully managed service and requires no investment.

Content included can be tailored to your budget and specification. An affordable onboard entertainment system provides all vessels with the opportunity to ensure a better everyday life onboard.

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