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 When coach and train operation companies (TOC) are looking to enhance the travel experience, entertainment and information is a priority. BazePort GO provides passengers with films, series, podcasts and daily news.

Foto: Øyvind Berg



The Norwegian State Railways (formerly NSB), VY, has equipped their trains with BazePort IPTV System for use in children's room on board. With BazePort Content Services the movies are always up to date and the library is updated on a regular basis.

BazePort IPTV may be set up on trains and buses to provide content to be viewed on TV screens, monitors or hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Foto: Kolbkorr, CC BY-SA 4.0


Go Ahead

Go Ahead Norway serves the line "Sørlandsbanen" in the south of Norway. Trains operating this line is equipped with BazePort IPTV system for use in children's room on board. A wide range of films are available providing families and kids with in-train entertainment while travelling.  


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Foto: Øyvind Berg, CC BY-SA 4.0



BazePort Go is an on demand content experience suitable in environments where the internet access is unstable or not available.

Tide is one of the main Nordic Coach operators with a daily transportation of 240 000 passenger. Tide has chosen BazePort Go as their onboard entertainment system. 

They are now able to give their passengers with value for money by providing them with access to the newest films, TV series, podcasts and daily news. With the Information Portal the passenger can access relevant onboard information or even get travelling tips. 

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