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Input on climate and environmental efforts

Input on climate and environmental efforts

Baze Technology AS wants to contribute to a more sustainable world and will therefore take responsibility for our impact. An important part of our efforts is to be Eco-Lighthouse certified. This means that we have established an environmental management system that guides our climate and environmental work and helps us to improve continuously. The certification also contains specific requirements for the following topics: work health and safety, waste/reuse, energy, procurement, and transport. Every year, we report activity data which results in a greenhouse gas account, as well as results and statistics. This information provides a good overview of progress and potential for improvement and made publicly available.

Plans for our climate and environmental efforts:

Overall efforts are led by policy/policies for climate, environment, and work health and safety.

Please see Baze Technology’s Environmental Policy on our website

Policy/policies are followed up with specific goals:




Local collaborators perform installations


Remote commissioning


Maintain sick leave below 2%


Conduct safety inspections once a year


Check heating and solar panels once a year

To achieve the goals, following measures need to be implemented:

  1. Enter into agreements with suppliers/partners to assist Baze Technology with at site commissioning and other at site tasks.
  2. Improve internal capacity to perform Remote Commissioning. Both in number of employees and in level of competence.
  3. Focusing on employees and work environment
  4. Conduct safety inspections on a timely basis. Safe inspections must be a part of the internal audit program.
  5. Inspect and clean the solar panels once a year. Part of the audit program.

Do you have input on how the climate and environmental impact of goods / services can be improved at Baze Technology AS? Please send suggestions to

We look forward to working together for a more sustainable world,

Baze Technology AS

Management Team

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