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In-room entertainment with the option to cast allows the guests to have the same quality of entertainment as in their own home. The BazePort setup provides both Entertainment and Digital Signage, and helps move the guests from room to restaurant. 


Thon Hotel + 50 hotels in Norway

Over 50 Thon hotels and over 7000 hotel rooms is equipped with BazePort IPTV. 

BazePort IPTV is distributed over fiber through a centralized server setup eliminating the need for satellite antennas and server equipment per hotel.

Guests can stream their own content from Netflix, HBO and Spotify by the use of BazeCast, or they can choose to watch TV or listen to radio and podcast. The hotel management can create promotions and inform guests, using the Information channel


Thon Hotel Storo

Thon Hotel Storo opened in 2018, and is a modern hotel in the center of Oslo. The hotel has 321 rooms and a conference center with a capacity of 400.

All rooms and common areas are equipped with BazePort IPTV. With BazeCast the hotel guests can cast their own content from Netflix and HBO, while the marketing team can use the Info TV channel for the hotels own promotions. 


Thon Hotel Kristiansand

Hotel Kristiansand is a modern and metropolitan hotel located in Kristiansand in the South of Norway. The hotel re-opened in 2020 after a complete renovation. 

All rooms and common areas are equipped with BazePort IPTV, providing the guests with access to live-TV, podcasts and radio. The viewer can stream their own content from private streaming services such as Netfix and YouTube, with BazeCast


Thon Hotel Norge

A major upgrade completed the spring of 2020 resulted in Thon Hotel Norge becoming one of the most attractive hotels in the south of Norway.

The Baze team made sure the hotel could re-open the same summer with a state-of-the art TV system providing first class entertainment and casting services to the hotel guests, as well as keeping them informed on events at the hotel or special offers.


“Our hotel guests are passionate about music and streaming services. The new system allows guests to stream their own content on the TV screen in a secure and seamless way. The solution also offers TV, radio and other functionalities that will help provide a first-class hotel stay”,

Morten Thorvaldsen, Executive Vice President of Thon Hotels

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