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For patients and residents on health care centers and hospitals, information and communication is key. BazePort IPTV offers traditional TV-functionality, but is also a worktool for you to create and publish information, send direct messages, or even cast an X-ray from the physicians device to the patients TV screen.  

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LHL Gardermoen is a newly build hospital which specializes in treating heart and lung conditions. 

The reception area uses TV screens to welcome patients and to provide them with necessary information. The cafeteria screens displays todays menu and outside the gym you can find the training schedule for the day. All rooms are equipped with BazePort IPTV, providing the patients with first class entertainment during their stay. 


Bergheim bo- og aktivitetssenter

Bergheim Living and Activity center consists of 96 apartments and daycare for 24 people. The center is a total of 10,200 square meters.

The center is equipped with BazePort Infotainment system which lets the residents watch TV and listen to radio.

The system is also used to provide the residents with information regarding activities on the center or to publish important information from the staff.


Ullerud helsebygg

Ullerud Helsebygg is a new state-of-the-art housing and service center for nursing home residents, offering rehabilitation and medical follow-up. The building is 12,000 square meters, with 108 new nursing homes.

The residents watch live TV and listen to the radio. They have a channel dedicated to streaming of activities on the center, and in the reception area you will find the bus schedules displayed on big screens. 

The staff have access to a Info Portal where they can publish text accompanied with pictures and videos to provide the residents with important information. 

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Oslo kommune 

BazePort IPTV has been chosen as IPTV delivery partner for all of Oslo kommune´s nursing homes, retirement homes and other welfare homes. Oslo kommune is the local government for the capital city of Norway. About 5000 of Oslo’s elderly live in public nursing homes and retirement homes. Baze supports Oslo kommune together with Live TV content provider Telenor fixed/TV. BazePort IPTV is distributed through a centralized server setup, and can serve more than 100 institutions.

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