We are Baze Technology

Baze Technology is a leading provider and developer of BazePort Infotainment System.

Who we are

Baze Technology is all about IPTV, our BazePort IPTV system has become the market leader for IPTV in professional environments. 

Since 2008 Baze has delivered IPTV solutions to customers within a wide range of industries all over the world. Our first customers were operating within offshore and maritime industries. These markets have in common that they use the IPTV system in installations that are remotely located and therefore hard to reach for doing onsite maintenance and support. In addition, these locations often have poor internet connection, if any at all.

These experiences, together with high quality products and software built for use without being dependent on internet connection, are the basis for the solution Baze offers. 

What we do

From our offices in Porsgrunn, Norway and Singapore, Baze Technology develops, deliver, supports and sell our IPTV product. BazePort IPTV is the TV system for the professional user in hospitality and enterprise, hotel, transportation, the public sector and the maritime, ropax, cruise and energy industry.

To date, we have never lost a client!

Case studies - selected projects

Our quality policy

Customers are our first priority. We provide them desirable products with reliability, technology expertise and sustainability considerations. We achieve customer satisfaction through:

  • understanding of customers’ perceived value of our products
  • customer cooperation to improve our products
  • delivery on promise

We make IPTV software for
people just like you that insists on
a great user experience

BazePort fits all and any budget. Our IPTV system has become the No1 choice
for users that wants to promote, inform, and educate as well as entertain.

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