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BazePort Flow

Automate tedious tasks

Flow automates repetitive and mundane tasks. It’s easy to use and is prepared in just 3 steps:

1: Name the flow, 2: Select triggers, 3: Decide on actions

Flow can also trigger actions based on message from other systems. A hotel’s booking system, on check-in, can automatically trigger actions in BazePort, like turning on TV screen in the guest’s hotel room and sending personal welcome message to the TV screen.

RSS feed

Feed your audience with RSS feed

Ever felt like you have so much you want to tell your guests or crew, but are not really sure how to reach them?

With RSS feed you can publish your promotions and information directly to the home screen of the TV. Your information will be the first thing the audience see when they turn on the TV. You can easily create your own feed or subscribe to external RSS feeds.

Create your own RSS feed in just 1 minute


BazePort Analytics

Business insights with Analytics

BazePort Analytics is designed to provide insight to what your audience is watching, when and how. Find out what’s popular, and what’s really not. 

We are logging data per minute for all use of BazePort, and are building a huge database of valuable information. Discover trends, changes and opportunities that can impact your business. 

3 awesome things you can do with BazePort Analytics


Publish in multiple languages

Target your audience by creating content in your viewers perferred language. Decide when and for whom the content shall be available.

When the user access the Info portal he or she will only see content in the language they have selected on their BazePort unit. The same applies for the entertainment section of BazePort, where synopsis for films and TV series can be published in any language. 

Learn how to create content in multiple languages   

BazePort Transfers

Content updates Over-the-Air

BazePort Transfers presents status of file transfers between the local server and BazePort content and cloud services. 

The functionality allows you to watch transfer status and control the transfer. 

See the details and access the transfer module 

WiFi & Connectivity

Manage bandwidth use, throttling and connectivity

We understand that lack of bandwidth may be a concern when considering a IPTV system.

That is why BazePort allows scheduling and bandwidth throttling providing you with control over the bandwith use. 

Log on to the Transfer module in BazePort Management Studio



Publish via cloud

The BazePort Management Studio is available as a cloud service or on the local BazePort network, and it works in any browser-based device (PCs, Pads and smartphones).

With cloud service, you can publish content to your BazePort installation from anywhere and anytime, as long as you are connected to the Internet. 

Read more about local and cloud publishing

Manage content

BazePort Management Studio

The BazePort IPTV system lets you publish information, entertainment and send messages to BazePort units. There are several publishing applications available to support your different publishing needs.

BazePort Management Studio is where you create and manage your content. Here you create Flows, RSS feeds, upload podcasts, manage transfers, languages and access Analytics. 

Go to BazePort Management Studio

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