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Info Portal

Publish your information - promote and educate.

BazePort has got several useful tools which can be used for information, promotion and education. The Info Portal is a menu structured portal that allows you to publish text accompanied with pictures and video. The portal can be browsed using the remote control at their own convenience.

Info Channel

Easily create TV channels using your content

Want to broadcast your own promotions? With BazePort you can create TV channels that playback your own content. Very useful and so easy that anyone can do it. Publish films, Powerpoint presentations, PDF, picture files and more, and create powerful and beautiful Information channels which will follow after the regular TV channels in the channel list.

Send Message

On screen messages

When you want your audience´s full attention, use the Send Message application. Splash an on-screen dialog message on the TV for the user to confirm, or create a rolling text for a more subtle message. Send message is a useful tool to get your guests attention.

Bulletin Board

Bulletins for swift and easy messaging

The powerful BazePort publishing tool has got several tools helping you to communicate. Bulletins are short messages which you can publish quickly on the home page of the BazePort IPTV system. Publish as many as you like, set start and stop time, and control who will be able to view them by using access groups - powerful!

CCTV view

Share CCTV with workers and guests

Installations with CCTV may benefit from the possibility of sharing one or several cameras through the BazePort IPTV system. Useful and convenient for your guests or workers.

Weather forecast

Weather information

The weather forecast is always in demand. On BazePort´s start page you can publish a forecast for your city, or a set of places. The forecast is added automatically based on the places of interest you have added.

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a market leading service plan

BazePort Service Agreement is the most extensive optional service plan in the market. An optional service plan that covers warranty, support, training and software upgrades.

BazePort Infotainment is the IPTV system that offers a 5 year warranty on both Hardware and Software. We want you to have a trouble free IPTV experience, with a high quality of service for the user.

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