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BazePort® Mobile Broadband

Dedicated for Content update

BazePort Seea works in an offline environment, just like any regular BazePort IPTV setup. We do not pull on your bandwidth for daily use. However, the monthly content updates are delivered using the internet.

BazePort Seea MBB

We understand that lack of bandwidth may be a concern when considering a video on demand service. In most cases we have solved this with our BazePort Content Services, allowing scheduling and bandwidth throttling. 

For vessels that do not have bandwidth to spare for content updates, or for other reasons wants a dedicated line for this service, we offer a mobile broadband service for content download. Our service will allow for download of content when the vessel is within reach of a mobile service*. It is a fully automated service and will only connect towards a preconfigured set of roaming partners.

The Mobile Broadband is easy to set up. In principle, you can simply connect the ethernet cable between the LAN ports of the BazePort Mobile Broadband router and the BazePort Seea Server, and it is ready to run. BazePort Mobile Broadband is dedicated to BazePort use only and cannot be used for other types of connectivity.

The service will give vessels sailing without VSAT the opportunity to benefit from a modern crew welfare system like BazePort Seea.

*BazePort Mobile Broadband service is available in the Nordic countries, EU, China, Hong Kong and India. 


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