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The ropax and cruise industry has a huge demand for communication with their guests. BazePort´s advanced features for publishing from shore to ship helps the cruise line reach out to their guests and crew with information and promotions.

Roald Amundsen i Lofoten. Foto: EspenM


Exploration travel with Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten is sometimes referred to as the Norwegian Coastal Express. The 14 coastal ships sail almost the entire length of the country, completing the round-trip journey from Bergen to Kirkenes and back again in 12 days, calling 34 ports. Hurtigruten also provides explorer cruises to the most remote places on earth, Antarctica and Arctic.

Over a period Hurtigruten have upgraded many of their vessels and added a new vessel to their fleet. Part of the total makeover was the installation of an Infotainment system. The system shall entertain the guests and the crew at their leisure time, as well as function as a public display system in hallways and restaurants. The marketing department of Hurtigruten can broadcast and publish information from their land based marketing office to their vessels around Norway and in explorer traffic around the world. The vessel can publish info channels, portals and bulletins for information, promotions and entertainment.



Havila Kystruten

Havila Kystruten is a Norwegian coastal cruise line with 4 state-of-the-art ships to be delivered in 2021. All sailing with highest technological and environmental standards, and of course with full BazePort IPTV system.

Havila Kystruten will operate four of the eleven routes along the world's most beautiful sea voyage between Bergen and Kirkenes, and with the world's largest battery packs on board. With BazePort IPTV the passengers can watch live TV, films and TV series (VOD), listen to the radio or podcasts either by using their own smartphone, iPad, PC or watching TV. The marketing department can brodcast promotions and events onboard or activities on land, providing the passengers with that extra level of service. 

Greg Mortimer

Greg Mortimer 2020 in the Antarktis Foto: Wolfgang Fricke


M/V Greg Mortimer

Aurora Expeditions is an Australian-owned company specializing in small-group adventure travel experiences to the Polar Regions and other wild and remote destinations. 

M/V Greg Mortimer is named after the founder of Aurora Expeditions. She is Polar Class 6 and sails in Antarctica and European Arctic. Equipped with a full BazePort infotainment system, passengers and crew have access to entertainment and information at the most remote places on earth. 


Stena Line

Stena Line is one of the world’s largest ferry operators with nearly 30,000 yearly sailings. Stena Line employs over 5,600 people of more than 50 nationalities across eight geographical business regions. 38 vessels operates across 19 ferry routes, 10 of them are equipped with IPTV system from BazePort IPTV. 

Stena E-Flexer is a series of new passenger and vehicle RoPax ferries with new and unique hull shape made to reduce resistance and wave making. The E-Flexer is designed with a high capacity and can carry up to 50% more vehicles than today’s standard RoPax vessels. The first two vessels in the series, STENA ESTRID and STENA EDDA, was delivered in November 15, 2019 and January 2020, both with full IPTV system from Baze.

Baleària ferry 'Martin Soler'

Baleària ferry 'Martin Soler' Foto: Jose Antonio Moreno Monge



Baleària Group is the leading shipping line for passenger and freight transportation in the Balearic Islands. 7 of the vessels are equipped with IPTV from Bazeport, providing the passengers with the opportunity to watch live TV, films and TV series (VOD), listen to the radio or podcasts. They can either use their own smartphone, iPad, PC or watch a TV. The marketing department can brodcast promotions and events onboard or activities on land, providing the passengers with an extra level of service. 

Ferry Galicia. Brittany Ferries. Foto: @Raimond Spekking


Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries is the leading maritime carrier on the western and central area of the English Channel. The company employs about 3,000 people, and has over 2.5 million passengers each year. 

Galica is a newbuild expected to be ready for operations in 2021. With BazePort IPTV the passengers will be able to watch live TV, films and TV series (VOD), listen to the radio or podcasts either by using their own smartphone, iPad, PC or watching TV.

Color Hybrid

Color Hybrid in Strömstad Foto: Bo Randstedt


Color Line hybrid vessel

Color Line is Norway's largest shipping line for international passenger and goods traffic to and from Norway, and is one of Europe's leading short sea shipping lines. Color Line transports almost 4 million passengers, about 900,000 cars and about 180,000 trailers a year. 

Color Hybrid is the biggest hybrid vessel in the world and is sailing with BazePort IPTV system for 350x2 flights seats for passengers and crew.

Color Line Superspeed

Color Line Superspeed Foto: Anders Martinsen


Color Line high speed ferries

In co-operation with MultiQ BazePort has been chosen for a retrofit of IPTV system to the ferries Superspeed 1 and Superspeed 2, owned by norwegian cruise and ferry operator Color Line.

BazePort Infotainment is installed as a seat-back system  (screens mounted in flight seats) in the vessels business class lounge, as well as in the crew cabins. The installed system will have GPS based safety and information film features enabled, as well as info channels and entertainment.

Foto: Color Magic


MS Color Magic

In january 2018 Baze Technology executed a total replacement of the TV system on board the MS Color Magic. Magic has 1400 locations with TV on board. Baze Technology replaced the old equipment with BazePort IPTV, including head end equipment, switches, wall mount brackets and TV sets.  With this upgrade MS Color Magic now has a modern IPTV system installed for both entertainment and information. GPS based safety and information film features are enabled as well as news tickers and messaging.  The install also includes BazePort IPTV standard feature, BazePort Publish, wich allows Color Line marketing department to publish their info and campaign from shore to ship. Baze Technology used five days from start to finish, finishing two days ahead of scehdule.


Foto: ClaudieMS


Global Mercy

Mercy Ships is an international charity which currently operates the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world, providing humanitarian aid like free health care, community development projects, community health education, mental health programs, agriculture projects, and palliative care for terminally ill patients.

MV Global Mercy is the world’s largest private floating hospital and is equipped with a full BazePort Infotainment system on board.

Attribution: Cityswift - Ireland, CC BY 2.0



Irish Ferries

Irish Ferries operates passenger and freight services on routes between Ireland, Britain and Continental Europe. They have the most modern fleet in Europe with award winning cruise ferry W.B Yeats in their fleet. 

Both W.B. Yeats and it's sister vessel is equipped with BazePort Infotainment system for 1000 passengers and crew. 

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