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Accommodation vessels and worker villages are all about providing the best hospitailty environment for the workers during their leasure time. BazePort has a world class entertainment package and a IPTV system that is designed to work 24/7.

Bilder fra riggen Safe Boreas

Foto: Tommy Ellingsen / the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association



Prosafe is the world’s leading owner and operator of semi-submersible accommodation vessels. Prosafe owns 13 of these vessels. BazePort IPTV is now installed on seven of their vessels, some with more than 500 users each. Prosafe´s clients have a high level specification for their onboard entertainment facilities. The requirement for uptime is the strongest in the business. Baze Technology supports Prosafe with an 24/7 support plan. We are very proud to have been selected as Prosafe´s partner for so many projects over the years.


Foto: Kees Torn



Accommodation vessels are all about providing the best hospitality environment for offshore workers during their leisure time. Just like in a hotel, one or several TV sets are installed in each cabin, controlled by a BazePort set-top box. The workers gets access to live TV, radio, podcasts, Video on Demand functionality as well as Digital Signage and other advanced integrations.

BazePort IPTV system is installed on semi-sub's Endurance, Triumph and Superior. A total 498 BazePort units is installed with NORSOK standard.


BazePort Infotainment is ideal for workers villages. With our versatile setup for TVs with and without the use of set-top boxes, and the option to choose the functionality projects need. There is always a setup and system for any budget. BazePort has been selected for several onshore workers village. Amongst them are three villages in Norway for Equinor, and four villages in Turkey for the Tanap natural gas pipeline project.


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