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It's all about flexibility

We believe in finding the right solution for each of our customers.

BazePort Hotel TV can be delivered in countless ways. This flexibility allows our customers to maximise the use of existing infrastructure and equipment without losing any benefits of a modern IPTV solution. 

It will enable your hotel to offer guests a state-of-the-art IPTV system without investing extensively. At the same time, your hotel is only one step away from a futuristic solution with the hosted BazePort Hotel TV as a service, where all you need at your hotel is a TV with our BazePort APP installed.

Both Hotel TV as a Service and the Baze Retrofit Hotel TV come with the same included modules that your hotel can choose to activate or not. But we have a vast range of advanced modules and functionality that can be added.


BazePort Hotel TV can be offered as a one-time payment, lease, or as-a-service.

We do not use third-party financing. Your business is with us. This enables us to offer great flexibility to our customers.


Baze owns and develops the BazePort IPTV system. We are not dependent on third-party development of our software. This makes us agile and most receptive to functionality input from our clients. BazePort IPTV has several releases each year, and to date, all systems delivered over the last 14 years can be upgraded to the latest version. Due to the long-life expectancy of our systems, our clients have the highest ROI in the market.

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