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 Baze Retrofit is for customers who have equipment that they want to make use of for the equipment's lifetime. It's good for the environment and it helps your business keep costs down. The user experience and the included modules are the same as in TV as a Service

Included modules. Choose your functionality:

Live TV & Radio

Live TV and Radio

The core of an IP based TV system is live TV. It's intuitive and easy to use for your guest and comes with a premium electronic program guide. Although live TV is the core, it’s just one of many available applications in BazePort. If your hotel wants to provide information and streaming capabilities without live TV, BazePort will still be a great choice.

Its estimated that more than 95 % of the Hotels in Norway provides live TV to their guests. With BazePort you can keep your content provider or buy your requested channels from Baze. We will also provide the TV system with the Radio Channels available from your content provider.




Let your users stream their own content with BazeCast. Powered by- and with the flexibility of Chromecast, but as a managed solution with administrative tools, advanced access control and tailored to fit in professional environments.

If you have all the bandwidth you need, and want to offer use of private streaming services like Netflix, HBO and Youtube, BazeCast is the software tool you need to create order out of chaos. BazeCast is perfect for Hotels and Hospitality enviroments with fibre connections for extensive internet bandwidth usage

Info Portal

Info Portal

BazePort has got several useful tools which can be used for information, promotion and education.

The Info Portal is a menu based portal. It allows your guests to interact to find information at their own convenience. It’s integrated with our “search” function so guests easily can find requested information without browsing the portals menu.The Portal can contain, text, pictures, videos, PDFs and more.

Info Channel

Create your own Info Channel

With BazePort you can create TV channels that playback your own content in minutes.

Promote you’re own business, or sell the opportunity for companies at your destination to promote their own business and increase you customers satisfaction at the same time. Publish films, Powerpoint presentations, PDF, picture files and moreSet your own sending schedule based on weekdays or season. This gives you the opportunity automatically promote relevant information corresponding to the day of week or season.  

Alarm & Message

Alarm & Message

No worries about missing appointments for your guests. BazePort IPTV is equipped with an alarm clock. Set a one-time alarm or multiple alarms or set a schedule based on the day of the week.

Use the send message application to send a message to a specific guest, a group of guests or all guests. Chooce between a on-screen dialog for guest to confirm, or a ticker or notification that will be shown for the number of seconds that you have set.  

RSS feed & Weather

RSS feed & Weather forecast

Ever felt like you have so much you want to tell your guests or crew, but are not really sure how to reach them?

With RSS feed you can publish your promotions and information directly to the home screen of the TV. Your information will be the first thing the audience see when they turn on the TV. You can easily create your own feed or subscribe to external RSS feeds.

Create your own RSS feed in just 1 minute

On BazePort´s start page you can publish a forecast for your city, or a set of places.

Web Cam support

Web Cam support

Installations with CCTV may benefit from the possibility of sharing one or several cameras through the BazePort IPTV system. Can be useful and convenient for your guests. The application also opens for sharing CCTV cameras to backoffice TV sets only.

Baze Hotel TV also gives you the opportunity to show any public accessible or the hotels own Web Cam on the TV system.

Digital signage

Digital signage

With the digital signage you may present your menus, openinghours, promotions and other information to your public areas.

It support text, pictures, video, pdf and PowerPoint files.

Easy to use, just like the Info Portal and Info Channels. In fact, If you have learned to operate one of these you can operate all three of them.



BazePort Hotel TV comes with a powerful search function that searches all text available in the system. Your guests may find their favourite TV series, a movie with their favourite actor or relevant information like breakfast serving times. 



Let your guest set their preferred language to the TV-set. 

The content you are creating in the Info Portal will automatically be published in the language chosen by your guest. 

BazePort Analytics

Business insights with Analytics

BazePort Analytics is designed to provide insight to what your audience is watching, when and how. Find out what’s popular, and what’s really not. 

We are logging data per minute for all use of BazePort, and are building a huge database of valuable information. Discover trends, changes and opportunities that can impact your business. 

3 awesome things you can do with BazePort Analytics

Management Studio

BazePort Management Studio

The BazePort IPTV system lets you publish information, entertainment and send messages to BazePort units. 

BazePort Management Studio is where you create and manage it all. You create RSS feeds, languages and access Analytics and more. 

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