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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy / Overall Objective for Health, Environment, and Safety

Environmental Policy

Baze Technology AS is certified as an Eco-Lighthouse, which means that we document our systematic and targeted efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

Environmental impact is not just about the routines and procedures for how we sort our waste or how much energy we use. It largely concerns the purchases we make and the requirements we set for products and services.

We are committed to taking our social responsibility and environmental impacts seriously, and for this reason, we are now reaching out to you with an encouragement for you to also document your environmental efforts by certifying your business as an Eco-Lighthouse. The Eco-Lighthouse is an environmental management system and a useful tool for following up and continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of the business. The certification is checked by an independent third party. Upon certification, a certificate is issued, which can be used as documentation of environmental efforts, for example, when participating in various tender competitions.

Baze Technology AS aims to ensure the most environmentally friendly delivery of all its products and services (Software, Hardware and Operational Services, Development, Sales).

This is achieved through:

  • Thinking of the environment as a natural and integrated part of the business
  • Satisfying environmental requirements and regulations from public authorities
  • Identifying and reducing potential sources of pollution
  • Striving for efficient use of energy and minimal use of consumable materials
  • Having an Eco-Lighthouse manual that provides good guidelines for daily operations

We will continuously maintain and improve our environmental work.

Specific goals for health, environment, and safety work:

  • We shall have a good and safe working environment for all employees.
  • We shall sort waste at the source.
  • We shall reduce energy use.
  • We shall reduce the use of writing paper and reduce paper waste.
  • We shall increase the number of eco-labeled products.
  • We aim to increase the number of environmentally certified suppliers by 5%.

About Eco-Lighthouse

The Eco-Lighthouse is Norway's most used environmental management system. The Eco-Lighthouse certification is a recognized national environmental certification scheme, on par with international environmental certification schemes (ISO 14001 and EMAS). Businesses and organizations aiming to become an Eco-Lighthouse must meet and document certain requirements that are to be reported further.

More information about Eco-Lighthouse, please visit: https://www.miljofyrtarn.no

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