BazePort Education

The No 1 IPTV system for your school

Use BazePort Education to distribute your own library of video teaching content and make it accessible on
TV screens, whiteboards, classroom projectors, smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. The content can be distrubuted to thousands of schools and the teachers can easily find and start videos in the classroom.  

Bring your school into the 21st century

Create your own content and distribute educational TV on a campus, to student dorms or to a range of schools at the same time.
The students can watch the content by using their own personal devices or at a TV set up in a classroom or common area. It is easy to set up,
simply log with your device or connect a set-top box to a TV. 

BazePort IPTV
a robust system built to work

the education

“IPTV as a supplement to schools that are unable to access or secure the requisite resources can enhance the quality of the teaching-learning environment”, 

Jamaican Education Minister, Rev. the Hon. Ronald Thwaites

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