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Technical requirements

The system is built for operations in environments with low or no connectivity. The core of the design is remote support and maintenance.

Internet access: the system runs without internet connection, but internet access is required for uploading of content, service and updates. BazePort can utilize on any internet connection, even low bandwidth and unstable line.

 TV end points: Each TV end point requires power outlet for TV and BazePort set-top box, as well as connection to a local BazePort server.

Live TV: TV signals from local satellite or cable can be part of solution, or live TV can be included in central IPTV service. Live TV is optional.

BazePort web app PDE: Local BazePort server must be reachable from the wireless network.

Local BazePort server: Server specification depends on local requirements, from a set-top box-sized miniserver for a handful of TV end points - to full, rack mounted server for sites with hundreds of TV end points. For locations with high speed, secure VPN, local server may not be required. Server requires power outlet, internet access, and optional Wi-Fi access


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