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Podcast recommendation - The Lazarus Heist

Imagine you were going to break into a bank and try to steal 1 billion dollar. How would you pull it off?

The Lazarus Heist BBC World Service

Courtesy of BBC World Service

True crime podcast 'The Lazarus Heist' is the real life story of how one group almost did just that. 

It all begins in Hollywood with a hacker attack at Sony Pictures. The attackers threatens to expose sensitive information about excecutive salaries, confidencial internal e-mails and details on unreleased films.

The hackers turn out to be one of the most notorious groups in the world, called the Lazarus Group. Not only are they a serious threat, they are also alleged to be connected to the one of the worlds most feared regimes. Now, the group is about to go on the most audacious cyber crimes the world has ever seen.  

The Lazarus Heist takes you inside a world most of us know nothing about. Hosts Jean Lee and Geoff White makes an complicated story accessible, and keeps you at the edge of your seats for all 10 episodes. 

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