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Release of BazePort IPTV - version 8.6

The BazePort IPTV system is continually renewed and improved as part of our ongoing product design and development. When you enter a BazePort Service Agreement, you are entitled to new software releases and fixes for the software licenses you have purchased. BazePort version 8.6 introduces several new features, dynamic content and possible integration methods for BazePort Publish, as well as introduces the possible use of Bluetooth-connected headsets for our CT-2211 set-top box. 

Release note 8.5 BazePort IPTV

New Feature: Slides - instant preview

Publishers familiar with BazePort Publish know how to use Slides & Templates. The new instant Publish functionality allows for a quick and instant preview of your content when working with slides. 

New feature: Third-party integration

BazePort 8.6 includes a new method for how to use external APIs in BazePort Publish, Slide Element. Useful when data used in the slide is dynamic and produced in other systems than BazePort. This new feature, available in BazePort Publish, is expected to be used by persons that are experienced with coding and in using JSON APIs.

The slide above is an example of combined information. There are several fixed elements like pictures and placeholders for text, and then there are four different elements holding data from an external source. In ourexample this is data including time and destination in two different languages. The data is collected from a JSON API. The biggest advantage is that information displayed is always together with the original source.

New Editor: Advanced coding option

When adding data from a third party you will need to adapt and style that data into your slide. This is how the data get the look and feel like the rest of your slide. Data from API may be presented in different formats, depending on the destination. 

New HW Feature: Bluetooth headset

BazePort version 8.6 includes the option to use a Bluetooth-connected headset. This feature is available in setups using the CT-2211. This feature is not available on older versions of CT units (BazePort set-top boxes). Listening through a headset is convenient in some environments. You can activate this feature from the main menu of the CT-2211. 



Anyone who holds a valid BazePort Service Agreement (BSA) or BazePort Support and/or Software Upgrade Agreement (SLA), is entitled to this upgrade, as this is part of our product design and development commitment.

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Published: Oct 27 2022

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