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New contract win with Omega Integration Pte Ltd

We are pleased to announce that our partnership with Omega Integration Pte Ltd in Singapore has resulted in several new contracts, such as the new Petrobras FPSOs P-79, P-80, P-83 and the BW Offshore project, Barossa. 

Omega Integration is a leading provider of end-to-end system integration solutions for the oil and gas and renewable energy industries. With over a decade of experience, they possess the expertise to meet clients' unique requirements.
At Bazeport, we take pride in collaborating with Omega Integration. Our market-leading entertainment and information system is specifically designed to promote, inform, educate, and entertain users. Our IPTV system can help alleviate stress and combat isolation for workers in the offshore industry. Through innovative technology, we are committed to improving crew welfare and enabling workers to relax, socialise and stay informed.
We express our gratitude to Omega Integration for entrusting us with this partnership. Working together, we will continue to significantly impact the oil and gas and renewable industry.

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