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Meet our new colleagues!

In October we expanded our team with two new colleagues here at Baze. Delivery Manager Daniel Strand Carlsen and Marketing Manager Guro Svanes.

 We wanted to get to know them more so we asked them some questions:

Daniel Strand Carlsen

Delivery Manager:

Daniel is recently graduated as an electrical engineer here in Porsgrunn at the same time he has been working for ABB Skien the last decade as a high voltage electrician, shift manager and project manager. He is now ready to face new challenges at BazePort!

Hi Daniel, how are you thriving at your first month at Baze?

I was just thrown into the new project Halden pleiehjem my first day with Sondre and Anders and I loved it, good colleagues who are fun and educational. So far it’s a steep learning curve but nothing that I can't handle.

What are you looking forward to in your new job?

To face new challenges, learn all about the products we deliver and get to know my new colleagues.

What is your favourite movie/series genre? 

Right now its Game of thrones and The rings of power, I love everything that is medieval!

Guro Svanes

Marketing Manager:

Guro Svanes is an experienced Marketing Manager with a wide background. She has worked with everything in between big labels as Mercedes Benz and small Cultural businesses in the public sector. Now she is aiming to market BazePort as the preferred IPTV system in multiple businesses. Exciting times ahead!

Hi Guro, how has your first month at Baze been?

Overwhelming and fun! This is a well driven company with many exciting opportunities, so I am just looking forward to get started on new marketing ideas! Keep watch on our social media in near future!

What are you looking forward to in Baze?

Very interested in getting to know the technology better, and of course to socialize more with my colleagues. Its so many competent and interesting people at Baze.

What is your favourite Baze film?

As for this minute I must say Downton Abbey, I love costume dramas!

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