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Access to entertainment helps to prevent isolation among seafarers

A recent study shows that over 50% of crew members spend more time with their crew mates after installing BazePort Seea.

Seamen working for months at the time at sea are experiencing challenging times. COVID-19 is adding to the burden. For shipowners and managers, it is a challenge to create the best possible working and leisure time environment onboard their vessels.

An entertainment system with an at-home user experience is a boost for the crew. 

In a bid to address the problem Baze has launched a service that has been bespoke built to the requirements that deep-sea vessels demand. It is established under the name BazePort Seea and is like the Netflix experience, except it is offline and not dependent on using the vessel bandwidth.

Positive impact on crew wellbeing

After installing the system more than 50% of the crew members report of spending more time with their colleagues, and even say they now "spend TEA time with other crew members watching the news together". 

Baze Technology aims to prevent isolation and to bring distraction to positively contribute to mental health on board. "We are happy to know that BazePort Seea is contributing to crew wellbeing onboard, creating the best conditions for work and rest on board the ships", says CSO Thorstein Rinker.  

Berge Bulk used an award-winning documentary to promote their onboard campaign

BazePort Seea Demo

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