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Berge Bulk used an award-winning documentary to promote their onboard campaign

Say you want to do a campaign for your guests, patients or crew. Tell us about it! Just like Berge Bulk did with their food waste campaign.

Berge Bulk crew


Supporting Berge Bulk's food waste campaign

This spring the leading bulk vessel operator Berge Bulk launched a 'reduce food waste' campaign amongst its entire fleet. Several activities were organized around the topic of Food Waste, such as e.g. the crew taking a picture of a clean plate for five days. Also, Berge Bulk requested with Baze that the 2017 award-winning documentary 'Wasted! The story of Food Waste' to be added to the BazePort VoD library during the campaign time.

The topic of food waste is relevant for everyone, so the idea to add the documentary to our VoD library was quickly adopted by Baze.

I was quite impressed on how quick BazePort managed to contact the studio and add the documentary to the overall content, Sumithra Whyte - Marine HR Project Manager, Berge Bulk Maritime Pte Ltd


The documentary was used to provide the crew with insights on the food waste issue worldwide and ways to combat this global problem. 

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Access to entertainment helps to prevent isolation among seafarers


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