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BazePort Seea brings together crew onboard!

BazePort Seea will not only engage the crew, but also increase the efficiency on the vessel. Sumitra Whyte, Marine HR Project Manager at Berge Bulk, tells us that challenging working conditions, lengthy shifts, financial concerns, and even loneliness brought on by being so distant from friends and relatives at home can all lead to mental health problems in seafarers. Given the sacrifices that seafarers make to keep our global economy operating, we believe that it is only appropriate to offer as much help as possible to enhance their mental health and well-being.

As such, at Berge Bulk we make all effort possible to ensure our crew onboard are given various crew welfare options that will involve them positively at a social, physical, emotional, and psychological level. We consistently communicate with our seafarers encouraging them to participate in social activities onboard to keep a healthy and positive mindset. Bazeport Seea brings together our crew onboard for movie time, giving them the opportunity to enjoy their off-work hours with their fellow crew mates by watching a movie together, creating a positively engaging environment for their social and emotional wellness. Having a happy crew impacts the working conditions massively and we at BazePort Seea are excited to contribute. By continuously adding new movies and series the crew will be entertained, and Berge Bulk confirms that BazePort Seea is as popular as ever.

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