Great news, we've slimmed our content size by 75%

Yes, it's true. In the latest BazePort IPTV release, version 8.5, we found a way to reduce our on-demand content's file size significantly. 

Content size of films and series reduced by 75%

Some can reduce the file size by as much as 75%, and most should have the option to reduce at least 30-50%.

This significant reduction is made by using our own new multi-encrypt format and a new Individual Dubs Selection feature. As a result, BazePort installations that use both set-top boxes and mobile devices will benefit the most.

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Most of the titles we deliver have multiple dubbings. We believe that for many of our clients, there is no need for all these languages on the same vessel. These dubbings take up space as well, often it´s half the size of the total file size we transfer to the installs. Now, you can choose the languages relevant to your audience and reduce the file size significantly. 

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