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Release of BazePort IPTV - version 8.5

BazePort 8.5 introduces a remake of the Vessel on Map module, new file format for BazePort Content Service files, advanced access control for BazePort Management Studio users, improvements in Info-TV channels and a new BazePort set-top-box model, CT-2211. 

Release note 8.5 BazePort IPTV

A complete remake of 'Vessel on map' functionality

For the maritime BazePort customers, we introduce a remake of BazePort Vessel on Map module.

The Vessel on Map solution is, in real-time, tracking the Vessel and displaying an image of it on a map. The module presents vessel position data, nautical charts, and sailing and weather data. The administrator can choose the layout and what data is displayed. 

New file format in BazePort Content Services 

For our BazePort Content Services (BCS) customers we are reducing the bandwidth requirements for content updates with up to 75%.

This is possible with our introduction of new file transfer features: multi-encrypt file format and individual DUBS selection. Each BazePort installation can now select which audio languages to subscribe to. 

Most of the titles we deliver have multiple dubbings. We believe that for many of our clients, there is no need for all these languages on the same vessel. These dubbings take up space as well, often it´s half the size of the total file size we transfer to the installs. Now you can choose the languages relevant to your audience. 


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Introducing access control in BazePort Management Studio

Access control in BazePort

BazePort 8.5 includes a new and improved method of working for BazePort system owners with a large amount of Publishing tool users.

This is a new Access Control management that allows system owners to create many levels of access for its publishers; e.g., organisations, units, departments etc.

Info Channels improved

The 8.5 release includes a new and improved method of how the Media Asset types Slides and images are displayed in an Info-Channel.

The result displayed on the screen is no longer a video. Therefore, the maximum length of displaying a single Asset (from a Slide or image) has been increased to 3600 seconds, one hour. In cases where there is only one such Asset in an Info Channel, there is no longer a fade (drop out) at the end of the presentation. This eliminates a blinking screen.

New set-top box model

We have introduced a new set-top box model, CT-2211. The box itself has the same chassis and connectivity as the CT-2291, and the remote control is the same. There are only low level changes, and for all practical purposes it is identical to the CT-2191 model. 

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Anyone who holds a valid BazePort Service Agreement (BSA) or BazePort Support and/or Software Upgrade Agreement (SLA), is entitled to this upgrade, as this is part of our product design and development commitment.

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Published: Apr 26 2022

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