New offline streaming service for commercial vessels

Baze Technology is launching a brand new solution for offline streaming of media and information sharing: BazePort Seea. 

BazePort Seea aims to improve crew welfare within commercial maritime vessels. The crew can watch films and TV series, see daily news, listen to podcasts and receive important information from the captain, directly on their personal devices or TV screen.

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The best content available for maritime venues

The crew can enjoy a great selection of films from our library, with many options of subtitles and dubbings. The library is topped up with 10 new films every month and up to 28 hours of TV series every quarter.

New releases IPTV

Multiple language options

Let your crew to feel at home while using BazePort Seea. The system is available in nine different languages today.


The crew will also receive daily updated News in 13 different languages, from major providers worldwide. 

CNN, BBC, Euronews, TV Patrol

Listen to your favorite podcast

Podcast has become a very popular entertainment option and is also available on BazePort Seea. The crew can to listen to their favorite podcasts in their own language. Subscribe for free and receive new podcasts every day.

Podcast IPTV

Send important information to the crew

Ship owners can use the Information Portal to share valuable information with the crew. This information will be seen on TV screens in the vessel and on each personal device of the crew.

Information portal

Have a small taste of BazePort Seea

Worried about lacking bandwidth when receiving content updates?

BazePort Seea works in an offline environment, just like any regular BazePort IPTV setup. We do not pull on your bandwidth for daily use. However, the monthly content updates are delivered using the internet. We understand that lack of bandwidth may be a concern when considering a video on demand service. That's why we offer a dedicated mobile broadband service for for vessels that do not have spare bandwidth, or prefer having a dedicated line for this service.

Get a demo

Interested? We are happy to provide you with more information or show you a free demo of BazePort Seea. 

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