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3 ways of sending information to your audience that you probably didn't know about

The holidays are right around the corner and if you want to inform your crew, guests or patients of changes in opening hours, schedules etc. this is how you do it. 



When you want your audience´s full attention, use the Send Message application. The Dialog messages are presented in the center of the screen and will stay visible until the user closes it. This is a very useful tool to get the full attention of your guest or crew member.

Log on to BazePort Management Studio to create your first Dialog message. 

Send Message - Dialog


Notifications are presented as smaller messages in the bottom right corner of the home screen. Perfect for short messages to crew members, guests or patients.

Simply log on to BazePort Management Studio, select On Screen Messages and create a notification. You can choose timeframe and select which TV screens will display the messages. 

Send Message - Notification


The ticker is presented as a text in the bottom of the users screen. The text will scroll and be visible according to the duration set. The Ticker is created in the same manner as Notification, by logging on to BazePort Management Studio and selecting the correct message type and adding a message. 

Send Message - Ticker



All messages are published instantly. The Ticker is shown on the bottom of the TV screen, while the message on the right hand side is a Notification. 

On screen messages on BazePort


For more details see the User Manual. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: support@bazeport.com

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