New on-demand content service for deepsea vessels launched

BazePort Seea is a new on-demand service for movies, news and information, built for the typical deep-sea merchant vessels. 

While crew welfare in the form of modern IPTV entertainment is now part of the expected in some maritime segments, this is not the case in a typical tanker, bulk and container vessels. The slow adoption may have been caused by IPTV installations being considered too complicated and costly for the purpose.

Now, BazePort is launching a new service that has been bespoke built to the requirements of deep-seea vessels demand. It is established under the name BazePort Seea. Yes, the spelling is correct. That is Seea with two e-s.

Inform and entertain

In the development of BazePort Seea, both the possibility for information and entertainment has been in focus.

Vessel owners and operators want a more modern and quicker way to communicate than the printed email on message boards.

BazePort Seea allows for cloud publishing of text, pictures and videos. This way crew is updated on safety, training and general information.

TV set BazePort Seea

Video-on-demand entertainment on BazePort Seea is like the Netflix experience. But offline and not dependent on using the vessel bandwidth. All major Hollywood studios are represented, as well as some independent ones. BazePort Seea includes thousands of hours of movies, documentaries and series. Also, Baze works with renowned news providers like BBC, CNN, Euronews and TV Patrol. BazePort seea also allows for RSS news and Podcast.

A tool for the crew to socialise

Seamen working at sea for months at the time are experiencing challenging times. COVID-19 is adding to the burden. For shipowners and managers, it is a challenge to create the best possible working and leisure time environment onboard their vessels.

An entertainment system with an at-home user experience is a boost for the crew. The included set-top box allows the crew to socialise while watching a movie or the news together on the onboard TV set.


Crew socialize with BazePort

Built by an experienced IPTV supplier

With its great success in on-demand content delivery, BazePort is launching a bespoke service for the deep-sea fleet. More than 8500 subscribers take the service already. These are users in Offshore, OSV and the Ferry segment operating worldwide, trusting BazePort for their on-demand content delivery of entertainment, information and news services. BazePort IPTV is the platform used to enable on-demand content.


Want to know more? Click to get a free BazePort Seea Demo 

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