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Create content that works

How do you create content that is relevant for your audience? We have gathered a few tips on what kind of content that might work for your Info Channels.

The Info channel(s) appears in your TV channel list as an ordinary TV channel but is controlled by you. You can publish your content, whether it is videos, PowerPoint slides or images. This allows you to distribute relevant information to your audience, whether on a TV screen in the common area, reception, in a room or cabin.

For maritime venues - vessels, rigs offshore

Make sure your crew is well informed at all times. Use the Information Channel to publish relevant information such as:    

  • Safety information - videos, PowerPoints etc. 
  • Today’s menu
  • Movie recommendations
  • Onboard activities for the crew
  • Information from shore


Safety video on BazePort

For cruise, ferry and hotels

Make important information accessible to your passengers: 

  • Information of onboard activities
  • Opening hours in shops, restaurants etc.
  • Tips on what to do at the next destination
  • Arrival and depature time

 Info Channel cruise

For healthcare facilities

The Information Channels can be used both for informational content, and for entertainment purposes. Here are a few tips:  

  • Birds nest - set up a camera and stream live from the life outdoors
  • Show old photos from the neighborhood 
  • This weeks activities for the resident
  • Today’s menu in the cafeteria
  • Schedule for the employees - a specially suitable for the staffs common area
  • Information to visitors 
  • Livestream concerts or events at the venue


Info TV Channel


How to work creatively with content

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