Livestream your lectures and events

With the pandemic still making its mark on our everyday life, being able to keep the distance while following classes, concerts and lectures are in high demand.


With the livestream functionality your audience can follow lectures and events from the safety of their own rooms. Ullerud Healthcare Center have been livestreaming during the pandemic. 

Simply explained, the livestream solution has given us opportunities to continue with our events despite COVID-19. The system is incredibly easy to set up and works every time, Mikael Karijord, Leader Service Team / Volunteer Coordinator.

Easy set-up with laptop and camera. Photo: Mikael KarijordEasy set-up with laptop and camera. Photo: Mikael Karijord


The livestream is broadcasted on a dedicated TV channel and the audiences can watch it on their own smartphone, tablet, laptop or even on their in-room TV. 

If we have concerts, services or in-house events, we connect the camera and broadcast live. It’s extremely benefitial, especially now under Covid-19. We have been able to invite artists and easily broadcast the concerts to everyone, without having to expose the artists or the audience to the risk of infection, says Mikael Karijord, Leader Service Team / Volunteer Coordinator.


This spring we will release the 8.2 version of BazePort IPTV and introduce new functionality that enables you to record livestreams. This allows the viewer to watch it whenever they want, and as many times as they like.

All recorded lectures will be saved in the Video on Demand library and the administrator can easily choose how long the content will be available for the audience.


Contact us for more information on the livestream functionality 

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