Content download time reduced

The first of the month means BazePort content subscribers can enjoy ten new movies in their library of films. With the release of BazePort 8.5 earlier this spring, we introduced a new file format that significantly reduced the file size without compromising on the quality.

Downloading time for films and series onboard reduced

In the same release we also included the option to choose what language dubbings to download for your system. 

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Release of BazePort IPTV - version 8.5

By investigating several BazePort installations, we find that most vessels now can receive the monthly movie update in just 24 hours when connected*. This observation aligns with the 2 - 3 days we previously (before the 8.5 release update) considered to be the typical download time.  

If you haven't already optimised the dubbing language settings for your BazePort installation, you may find that you can reduce the file size even more. Each language dubbing is in average 110MB. If you do not need that language, why download it. The BazePort user manual describes in detail how to set your language preferences. When in doubt, please reach out to our BazePort support team. 

*All the installs we tested were a typical deepsea vessel using VSAT for connectivity.

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