10 content ideas for Digital Signage

Say you want to start using the Digital Signage functionality in your BazePort system, but need ideas. Look no further! We have gathered ten content ideas to engage your audience and make your venue stand out. 

10 content ideas for Digital Signage

The BazePort system has Digital Signage functionality, referred to as the Info Portal and Info Channel. These powerful tools let you create your content to target your audience. 

We have gathered our best content tips for Digital Signage for you. Have a look!


1. Upcoming happenings

Creates slides or short videos to keep your audience up to date on onboard activities, upcoming concerts, lectures or other happenings at your venue. 


2. Stream live events

The Livestream functionality is a popular option for audiences unable to attend certain events. The audience can tune in and watch from the comfort of their room or cabin.

If you want the stream to be available to all viewers after the event has ended, you can record the stream. The stream will be available in the Keynotes archive and can be easily found by the viewer. 


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3. Advertisement

Promote your own services and let your audience know about your best offerings. 


4. Welcome sign

Give your guests or crew a warm welcome and let them know that you appreciate their stay. 


5. Practical information

Point your audience in the right direction by informing them of where the restrooms, cafeteria, shops are, emergency exits or safety measures. Divide the information into several slides, and create a slideshow with information that is helpful either you are new on site or just visiting.   


6. Movie trailers

Pick your favourite films and air trailers from the Video on Demand library. A perfect way to grab the attention of the viewer. 

If you want help finding the right films, sign up for our newsletter and get information on all the new movies and TV series released monthly. 


7. Company news

Publish company updates, news, happenings or any topic of interest to your audience. It's useful whether you are communicating to onboard crew, passengers or residents at a healthcare facility. 


8. Todays menu

Tastefully present the restaurant’s menu using the Info Channel as a digital sign. Highlights meal options, ingredients and special offerings.

By creating a menu template in BazePort Publish, you can easily update the menu with small daily changes. Make the sign automatically change from breakfast to lunch menu by selecting a timeframe for each slide.


9. Social media

Encurage your audience to find and connect with you on social media. Use your screens to showcase your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account and inspire them to interact with you. 


10. Schedule of employees

Your audience might be your colleagues. A digital sign in the office space or common area can be used to show who's working today, special announcements from the management and other relevant information for the staff. 


We hope these tips will help you get started or inspire you to create more content. Did we miss anything? Be sure to let us know!


Start using the Digital Signage functionality

If you want more information or help to get started, we would love to hear from you. We are offering free of charge online classes where we show you how to create a professional looking Info Channel and Info Portal without being an expert! 

Book an online session and get all the information you need to get started.  

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