Daily Filipino news

We are teaming up with ABS-CBN to deliver daily news from the Philippines, in the Filipino language.

TV Patrol hosts Ted Dailon, Bernadette Sembrano and Noli De Castro.

The newscast TV Patrol will be a standalone offering available on any BazePort IPTV system from Q1 2020. To get a daily news update from home, in your local language and from a trusted source, is always in high demand amongst workers away from home. 

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It´s a fact that more than 25% of all mariners worldwide are Filipino, making the Philippines the world’s main supplier of seamen. This dates back as far as 1987. Being away from home for weeks and months at the time, with limited access to the outside world is part of a seaman´s reality. Having access to local TV news in your own language is not common.


“We are excited to be teaming up with ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ largest media and entertainment conglomerate. With this new collaboration we will be able to make improvements on crew welfare for such a big part of the world’s seafarers.", says Thorstein Rinker, product manager for BazePort IPTV.


For 20 years, TV Patrol has been the definitive source of information, and is the most watched news program in the Philippines. The newscast is international recognized and has won numerous national and international awards, with the hosts being some of the biggest TV stars of the nation.



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