Balearia choose BazePort IPTV

The Spanish ferry operator has selected BazePort IPTV for their fleet of ropax vessels. Balearia has built two new vessels and are also undergoing a huge LNG upgrade conversion of their ropax fleet. During the conversion upgrades of several on-board systems, including IPTV, are carried out.

The setup of the BazePort IPTV system on different Baleària vessels may vary with the type of vessel. Vessels that do day crossings only may have a BazePort setup primarily for use of personal devices; smartphones, tablets and PCs. Commonly known as PDEs. While vessels with overnight crossings in addition also have set-top boxes an TV units in cabins.

The BazePort IPTV installs for Ballearia includes Video on demand and Live TV facilities. It has been interfaces with their own digital signage system as well as their new smart ship technology:

High quality Video on demand content is deliverd by Baze to the BazePort IPTV systems on Baleària vessels. The content is available for their guests with subtitles and dubbings in many languages. This provides a better experience for the guests onboard speaking so many different languages. There is more information on the BazePort Content services here:

Delivery of the BazePort IPTV system for Baleària is done in close partnership with spanish system integrator Redcai, S.A.


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