Make plans for the summer

As we head towards summer vacation, it is time to schedule your content. Ensure your Info screens are always up to date, even when you're not in the office. Start planning what you want to say and when you want to say it.


With BazePort Publish you have several options to prepare content for Info Channels and Info Portal today, and have it automatically published at a later date.

You can add a new asset and choose when it should be available, or edit availiability date to already created content. Use the availiability function for a menu point in your Information Portal, for a complete Info Channel, or just a single Media Asset in a current Info Channel.

Look for the "Set availability" button in the top right corner and you are ready to start scheduling your content!  


 Set availiability in BazePort


A complete guide to how it's done, can be found in the BazePort Management Studio - Publish user manual. Please contact our Support department should you have any questions. 


BazePort IPTV

Not a BazePort customer yet? Please contact our sales team to see if BazePort IPTV can be a fit for your venue. 

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