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It's Friday, let's meet the team.

Today we will get to know our Business Development Manager, Alexis. He has been working for BazePort for six years.

Hi Alexis, how are you today?
I am doing well, happy it´s Friday, but I am already looking forward to next week.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at BazePort?
I am French and come from an area called 'the Loire valley' in France. If you haven’t been there, you must visit. I moved to Norway in 2009 after spending several holidays here. This was, as we could say, the call of nature. I enjoy playing guitar, mountain biking, trekking, and cooking.
I have been working for BazePort as a Business Development Manager since 2017. My role in the company is to help BazePort grow by winning new projects, developing our relations with new and existing partners, and finding new markets.
How did you get involved in the Maritime industry, and what led you to your current role?
I stumbled upon the maritime industry by chance when I was job hunting in Norway. At the same time, BazePort was searching for a French representative to strengthen its presence in the French market. From that moment on, I was hooked and never looked back. Through years of networking, communication, and continuous education, I expanded my understanding of the industry and its various players, ultimately leading to my current position.
Bazeport emphasizes the importance of crew welfare.
What role do you think technology will play in improving the life of seafarers in the future?
Technology already plays an essential role in the lives of seafarers and is also a game-changer for future recruits. In an industry where it is increasingly difficult to recruit staff due to family separation or the length of offshore rotations, it is essential to be able to improve life on board for seafarers, and that´s where I believe technology can make massive difference. Seafarers are the Arch stone of our sector, and without seafarers, there is no maritime industry.
Fun fact about you?
Twenty years ago, I was living in the Caribbean and had never imagined getting established in Norway, so you never know what life brings you.

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