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Celebrating the International Seafarers Day

This month we celebrate seafarers around the globe, and recognizing the contribution that they make to our everyday lives. 

Seafarers are essential to world trade, keeping the economy moving and delivering the goods and fuels we use everyday.

Seamen working at sea for months at the time are experiencing challenging times. COVID-19 is adding to the burden. For shipowners and managers, it is a challenge to create the best possible working and leisure time environment onboard their vessels.

We are happy to know that BazePort Seea is contributing to crew wellbeing onboard. 

A recent study shows that more than 50% of the crew members report that they now spend more time with their crew mates than before the system was installed.

While crew welfare in the form of modern IPTV entertainment is now part of the expected in some maritime segments, this is not the case in a typical tanker, bulk and container vessels. BazePort Seea has been bespoke built to the requirements of deep-seea vessels demand. The crews access to entertainment and local news brings them a little bit closer to home and hopefully has a positive effect on their everyday life onboard. 

Today we are happy to pay tribute to the world's 1.5 million seafarers for their hard work and tremendous contribution to world trade. Thank you, seafarers.

BazePort Seea

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